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Are you tired of spending countless hours preparing for, driving to and sitting through first round interviews?  By participating in our unique "Digital Interview" process, you can easily interview with districts from the comfort of your own home giving them the ability to move you directly to the second interview! The process is simple! Complete the online registration and upload all necessary documents to your profile. If a district is interested in interviewing you, they will notify us and we will send a “Personalized Digital Interview” request to you on their behalf. Once received, you simply click the link and record your digital's that easy. 


You also have the option of keeping your entire profile private and shared only when we inform you of an employer that is interested in someone with your credentials.


Digital Interview


The Digital Interview consists of a series of questions from the following categories: 


  • Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

  • Technology Integration

  • Grading and Assessment

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Instructional Effectiveness

  • Classroom Management

  • Teacher-Student Relationships

  • Teacher Collaboration

  • Continuous Professional Growth

  • Parent Communication & Involvement

  • Student Engagement


All responses are timed and rated. Additionally, district interview committee members are able to view the digital interviews at any time using a computer, tablet or mobile device. What's more, they can click and view the responses to each individual question. 


Nervous about interviewing online?  We also have webinars and downloadable documents to help you prepare for your interview.  We also offer tips on how to ensure that your video is of high quality.


Teacher Proficiency Assessment (TPA)


In addition to our digital interviews, some employers utilize our "Teacher Proficiency Assessment (TPA)." If after reviewing your profile the employer decides that they would like assess you, they will contact us and we will send a “Teacher Proficiency Assessment” request on their behalf. The TPS is aligned with the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) model core teacher standards for K-12 educators. The assessment is comprised of a series of multiple choice questions based on the 10 InTASC standards as published by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Candidates receive scores in several areas including Application of Content, Content Knowledge, Instructional Strategies and Learning Environments to name a few.



Free Teacher Registration!

Click the button below to go to our free registration page. There, you will be able to create a profile and upload resume and and other credentials. 

After submitting all required materials, I received a call for a 2nd interview within a week. I was hired one week later! Top Tier Teachers is a wonderful service and made my job search more effective. The results speak for themselves!


- Byron Kimmey, Educator

I just can't believe just how easy the process was. From the online application to the uploads to the digital interview, the process was seamless.  Also, the guidance that I received on how to conduct a great digital interview was top notch. Hats off to the Top Tier team!


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