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Job Seeker FAQ's

  1. Is the information I upload secure? Yes, any documents uploaded to your profile are only able to be viewed by you and by employers if you choose to make your profile viewable by employers. Also, access to all profiles and the ability to search profiles are done through password protection based on record level security.

  2. Am I required to particpate in a "Digital Interview"? A digital interview is only required if it included as part of the interested employer's hiring process. Some employers simply request that we send candidates an in-person interview request.

  3. Am I required to take the Teacher Proficiency Assessment? The TPA is only required if it included as part of the interested employer's hiring process.

  4. Can other candidates see my information? NO. Again, access to all profiles and the information contained therein is only accessible to you via your user ID and password.

  5. How will I know when an employer is interested? If you allow your profile to be viewed by employers, they will contact you directly.  However, if your profile is private, recruitment staff from Top Tier Teachers will contact you to inform you when they are made aware of employers that may be interested in someone with your qualifications.

  6. How long will my candidate profile be active? Your profile will remain active. However, at anytime you can choose to check the box so that it can no longer be viewed.

  7. What if I need to update my profile? You are able to update your profile at any time, including attachments, by logging in with your user ID and PW.

  8. What If I need help preparing for my digital interview? When you arrive to the digital interview page, you will see resources that will help you create a top notch interview.

  9. Do you provide resume assistance? We do not provide direct assistance. However, you will find links for resume help on the job seekers page.

  10. How much time should I allot for the digital interview and teacher proficiency assessment? The digital interview will take approximately 35 minutes. The teacher proficiency assessment will take one hour.

  11. What if I need to talk to someone? Please contact us anytime at 877-632-8880 and follow the prompts.


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